ERSAT GGC (Galileo Game Changer) innovation project represents a fundamental contribution to the roadmap of the ERTMS for the adoption of the EGNSS satellite technology, already identified as one of the game-changer technologies of the ERTMS evolution. Particular focus is given to the certification process of the satellite assets to allow the ERTMS to operate seamlessly with Virtual Balises which are functionally equivalent to the physical balise in order to ensuring the end to end compatibility with the ERTMS. ERSAT GGC is linked with previous projects achievements on ERSAT EAV, NGTC, RHINOS and STARS co-funded by GSA and EC. The objective is to create a unique flow of information to bear fruits on the best exploitation of the EGNSS infrastructures already available and the new game-changer features of GALILEO that is expected to be fully operational by 2020.

The Project’s high-level objectives are the following:

  • Validation of EGNSS assets and relevant certification process compatible with the ERTMS Standards
  • Definition and Certification of a STANDARD Process, Methodology and the related Toolset for Classifying Track Areas as “Suitable” or “Not Suitable” for locating Virtual Balises;
  • Consolidation and Certification of the Enhancement of the Functional ERTMS Architecture integrated with satellite based Location Determination System (LDS).

Furthermore, ERSAT GGC will contribute to the standardization process & dissemination of results on the satellite and rail stake-holders which will be impacting on:

  • the definition of new ERTMS TSI;
  • the evolution of EGNSS requirements to implement efficiently virtual balises

All in all, the objective of ERSAT GGC is to agree the certification process and develop the tools to support the validation of the satellite technology in view of its operational exploitation.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No: 776039

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